Success Story # 1: Mike Hager

According to a recent Career Builder survey, the seven most common qualities of good employees are:

  1. Strong work ethic;
  2. Dependable;
  3. Positive attitude;
  4. Self motivated;
  5. Team oriented;
  6. Good communicator; and
  7. Flexible

The people at Career Builder may as well have been describing a gentleman by the name of Mike Hager. Mike has been employed as a custodian with Pike County Connections (PCC) for the past 12 years. Mike’s positive attitude shines through in many ways; if you should happen to say something that is generally accepted as the unvarnished truth, Mike will heartily exclaim, “that’s right!”.

Mike’s primary responsibilities with PCC include cleaning the employment services and community inclusion offices with the Pike County Agency for Developmental Disabilities (PCADD). This includes the staff offices, conference room, and restroom. Because all PCC employees are paid at or above the minimum wage, Mike brings home a decent paycheck every couple of weeks. At the end of his shift each day, Mike walks over to the PCADD administrative offices, where his favorite administrative staff are treated to hugs, and then he gets the PCADD mail before heading home.

Mike resides in a nice home with supports provided by Ruth Jensen Village (RJV). With assistance from his RJV support staff, Mike is actively engaged in the greater Bowling Green community, and enjoys going out to eat and attending church at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Mike is also on the Special Olympics bowling team, and once bowled a 150!

Mike’s dream is to one day travel to Hawaii. This blog writer would like to be the first to volunteer to personally accompany Mike on this trip should it happen.

When asked what he is most proud of, Mike says this is being employed at PCC for the past 12 years.

When it’s all said and done, Mike has a lot going for him… he is employed in a job that he likes making a good wage; he lives in a very nice home; he is actively engaged in the greater community; he has a network of valued friends; and he has hopes and dreams like anyone else. In short, you could say that Mike is a success story by anyone’s standards…

That’s right!

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