Success Story #5: Scott Baker

It’s easy to cheer for a winner. Just ask any fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide… like Scott Baker.

Above: Scott uses high tech adaptive controls to operate his new television system.

Scott grew up near Mobile Alabama in the town of Fairhope. In a state that forces you to decide between cheering for the Auburn Tigers or the Alabama Crimson Tide, Scott is definitely a Tide fan. Scott’s family moved to Missouri in 2010, and he lived for a while in Clarksville MO before moving to Bowling Green MO a couple of years ago.

Scott has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, but this has never defined who he is as a person. With a combination of supports provided by Ruth Jensen Village (RJV) and the Pike Co. Agency for Developmental Disabilities (PCADD), Scott lives life to the fullest. Some of the things he likes to do include seeing movies at the Hannibal and Wentzville movie theaters, dining out at Saints Avenue Cafe in Bowling Green, and going to thrift stores. Last year, Scott even had the opportunity to visit his family back in Fairhope Alabama with the help of RJV staff.

Although his mom is still a big part of his life and lives nearby, Scott now lives in his own home in Bowling Green MO with two other roommates. Scott is not currently employed but is looking into volunteering his time at the YMCA is Louisiana MO, and enjoys attending camp each summer at Wonderland Camp at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Scott uses technology to enhance his independence, including an impressive control panel that he uses to operate his brand new big screen television system that would be the crown jewel of any man cave.

Scott still bleeds crimson red in support of his beloved Crimson Tide, but his blood may now have a tinge of blue… since moving to Missouri, Scott has become a big fan of St. Louis Blues hockey. Scott was able to attend the second Blues game of the current season, and of course, they won. Scott is also now a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

A huge passion of Scott’s is the NASA space program. He would like to one day visit the Kennedy Space Center museum in Cape Canaveral Florida, although he may start closer to home by visiting the Omnimax Theater at the St. Louis Science Center, where an Apollo 11 documentary is scheduled to start in February.

One of Scott’s goals for the immediate future is to start taking classes for his GED, and afterward, attend college and study astronomy.

Yes, it’s easy to cheer for a winner… which probably explains why Scott Baker has so many people cheering for him.

Roll Tide.

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