Success Story #12: Chris Haden

One of the things that you notice right away upon first meeting Chris Haden is that he is a people person. From his hearty laugh, to his big smile and easy-going demeanor, Chris has a commanding yet gentle presence that can fill the biggest of rooms. He has an infectious laugh, the kind of infectionContinue reading “Success Story #12: Chris Haden”

Success Story #11: DeWitt McPike

DeWitt McPike is the kind of son any mother would be proud of. He’s a kind and gentle soul who treats others with courtesy and respect. He’s very polite, taking time to say “please” and “thank you”. He watches out for the well-being of others. He has a good home, holds down two jobs, andContinue reading “Success Story #11: DeWitt McPike”

Success Story #10: Quentin Miller

Those of us in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) work hard to ensure those we serve have “lives like everyone else” in terms of where people live, work, socialize, have fun, hang out, and in general go about their daily routines. Supporting persons to have lives like everyone else is considered bestContinue reading “Success Story #10: Quentin Miller”

Success Story #9: Andrea Amelung

Before the world changed a few months ago and our lives were upended seemingly overnight, Pike County said goodbye to a very special lady… Andrea “Andy” Amelung. A long-time resident of Bowling Green, Andy and her family relocated to Alabama back in March, and took with them the hearts of many. Like many other residentsContinue reading “Success Story #9: Andrea Amelung”

Success Story #8: Mary Jane McCurdy

One of the main parts of writing the “50@50” success stories is gathering as much information as possible on the person being featured from those who know the person best: friends, family members, and support staff. Often many different things about the featured individual come to light, but in the case of Mary Jane McCurdy,Continue reading “Success Story #8: Mary Jane McCurdy”

Success Story #7: Kristina Spears

 ini·​tia·​tive | \ i-ˈni-shə-tiv  also -shē-ə-tiv \ Definition of initiative:  energy or aptitude displayed in initiation of action  Taken from the Merriam Webster dictionary, the above definition of “initiative” very much describes a certain individual by the name of Kristina Spears. Kristina is someone with boatloads of initiative. She is a young woman who knows what she wants in life and pursues it withContinue reading “Success Story #7: Kristina Spears”

Success Story #3: Adrienne Becker

Adrienne Becker is a very talented young lady… just ask anyone who has seen her artwork! Adrienne’s art includes everything from painting and coloring to diamond art and string art. On any given day while at the PCADD Community Living Skills (CLS) program, Adrienne can be found either diligently working on her artwork or gettingContinue reading “Success Story #3: Adrienne Becker”

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