Success Story #6: John Ard

John Ard is someone who needs no introduction to most in the Bowling Green area. Being employed at the Crossroads General Store for over a decade now has allowed John to meet many people over the years. John’s lengthy tenure of employment at Crossroads is due primarily to two things: 1. He is very goodContinue reading “Success Story #6: John Ard”

Success Story #3: Adrienne Becker

Adrienne Becker is a very talented young lady… just ask anyone who has seen her artwork! Adrienne’s art includes everything from painting and coloring to diamond art and string art. On any given day while at the PCADD Community Living Skills (CLS) program, Adrienne can be found either diligently working on her artwork or gettingContinue reading “Success Story #3: Adrienne Becker”

Success Story # 2: John Hinten

Mr. John Hinten probably has the single most important job within the PCSB 40/PCADD administrative offices… keeping the soda machine stocked. If it weren’t for John, staff would not get their regular caffeine boost, and productivity would grind to a halt. Payroll wouldn’t get done, bills wouldn’t get paid, reports wouldn’t be completed… ok, maybeContinue reading “Success Story # 2: John Hinten”

Success Story # 1: Mike Hager

According to a recent Career Builder survey, the seven most common qualities of good employees are: Strong work ethic; Dependable; Positive attitude; Self motivated; Team oriented; Good communicator; and Flexible The people at Career Builder may as well have been describing a gentleman by the name of Mike Hager. Mike has been employed as aContinue reading “Success Story # 1: Mike Hager”

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